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Born in York in 1965, I starting using computers back in high school in 1980 when computers used to have 16 kilobytes of memory and they used tape recorders to store data. Back then they had kits where you could build your own computer and I dabbled around in programming in every type of computer language that was available and joined local computer clubs to learn as much as I could.

I've worked with just about every type of computer and operating system since then and have worked in different areas of the computer industry as it evolved from mainframe to desktop. From data entry to databases to dtp to internet.

I've worked for several local business as the computer industry has changed and learn how to help people use their computers to get their work done and helped develop programs to help enhance their computer experience.

I've had several years of experience working on a computer support help desks for several companies and have learned what users needs are and how to help them utilize their computer in order for them to get their work done efficiently and effectively.

In 1995 I starting using the internet as it was starting to take off for the home and business user and I helped dozens of local businesses setup and operate their web sites to help them support their customers and to reach new ones.

I have been providing in home service since 1993 for families in the York county area. In 1997 I decided to do this full time as the computer was migrating from work to home via telecommuting and found that a lot of people needed help with their home computers.

Now I'm here to help you with your computer questions and problems, just use my online contact form to schedule a time when I can call and help solve your computer needs.


I am a Christian fellow serving God in my local church and throughout my community and at a local Christian Children's Camp.

Like to work with different computer systems and software. Like to work with the newer technology that is coming out.

I help out at my local church and help at a local kids camp during the summer and help cook for the kids and counsel them to help them get off to a good start in life.

I like programming to help automate tasks and write custom applications. I also worked with DTP software to help make camp fliers, church bulletins and calendars for local nonprofit organizations.

I also like doing online chat and participate in user forums and listen to wdac radio. I also do some biking and enjoy going to the shore when possible.