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Over the years as a local computer support person, I have found a rate that most families can afford that is well below the normal support costs that other businesses charge.

When I come to your home or business my service charge rate is $100 per hour. If you think of the fees you pay a plumber or an electrician to come to your home, the costs are really quite reasonable.

If I can not help you with your computer problem, I will tell you and not waste your time or mine. Some problems may only be solved by the hardware or software company where you purchased it or may still be under warranty and can be serviced for free by them.

Some of the things you can do to help reduce your costs are to:

  • Have all floppy disks, cds, serial numbers, tech support numbers, and manuals available if we have to reinstalled software.
  • Have some backup floppy disks ready just in case we need to backup your data off your computer.
  • If you have to download a program for an upgrade, try to have the file downloaded to your desktop, then all I have to do is help install and configure it. (I have a fast internet connection, if you need to download a huge program, I can do that for you if needed and put it on a cd-rom.)
  • If you are purchasing new hardware like memory or adding new devices to it, I can help you decide what you need and where to purchase it, then when it arrives, help you install it.

By doing the above, it will take me less time to resolve your problems saving you more time and money.

If you feel that you will need my help over an extended period of time, we can arrange an hourly rate that will work for you and me.